Web Hosting



2000 MB Transfer!
100 MB Diskspace!
Unlimited POP3 Email Accounts
(as many @yourdomain.com addresses as you want!)
Web Based Email Access
Mailing Lists
Webalizer Visitor Traffic Stats/Graphs
FTP Access
CGI-BIN Directory
Perl and Mod Perl
Mysql Database
PHP4 and PHPMyAdmin
Server Side Includes
Password Protected Web Directories
... and much more!

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All of our servers feature name brand components. Dual processors, multiple gigs of ram, redundant drive setups, and hot swap replacements. Redhat Linux and Freebsd Unix with the newest kernels form the foundation of our servers.

Our network features redundant gige connections at diverse entry points and a redundant inner-city ring architecture featuring bgp routing to insure maximum uptime. All routers and switches feature hot swap and stand by components.


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