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About the Program
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Web Developer | Programming

About the Program

The Web Site Development & E-Commerce Program is an essential course for the individual who wishes to develop extensive websites. The applications included in this program are:
  • HTML
  • XML
  • Front Page
  • Visual Basic
  • VB Control
  • RAD ADO and Development Tools
  • Javascript
  • CGI
  • Basic Graphic Integration
  • Active Server Pages (ASP)
  • Visual InterDev
  • Access
  • ODBC
  • SQL 7.0

By learning these various different applications one is able to add dynamic functionality to their web sites including but not limited to, database integration, custom form processing, custom scripts creation, e-commerce solutions such as shopping cart programs, and much more.

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You'll learn everything you need to gain employment... PLUS you develop a website portfolio that we host on our own public web servers... PLUS we'll help you find employment through quality education and Career development workshops...


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